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Backwards get.....

As we've seen before, Lynn has a rather odd habit that defines who she is as an artist; said habit is her paying just enough attention to something she likes to copy it and not enough attention to realize that the desired thing is not an ironclad rule. As by way of example, she only thinks that hovercars are the only way to show her readers that a car is in motion; she misread a quotation that said that it was a funny way of showing something in such a manner that she thought that a quirky style was the One True Path.

Something akin to that seems to explain the forced-looking punchlines and non-existent comic flow of a large number of strips. As other commentators have said, the only way a lot of the more baffling attempts at non-humor make any sense is that if you assume that Lynn starts with the punchline she wants first and works backwards; my guess is that she half-read this in a guide book long ago and turned a handy little trick into divine writ.

This would be a harmless enough quirk save for one thing: she lacks the creativity and imagination needed to do a proper job of working backwards; the end result is that the landscape of Pattersonian history is littered with the wreckage of collapsed jokes.
Tags: lynn: failed creator

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