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Elly and the rocket ship......

As you may or may not know, Lynn was recently convinced to go to a ComicCon and hobnob with cosplayers, digital artists and other people she deigns to dismiss because they don't follow The Only True Path of Creativity. She devoted one of her blog entries to boasting about how she had been essentially reduced into a shill for Jim Davis; granted, she's not aware of how the creator of the lasagna-eating cat reduced her to eye-candy but then she's not overburdened with awareness at the best of times.

What made this odd is that she and Elly look to me like the sort of suburban housewife I tend to encounter a lot in my travels: there's a certain sub-sector of the populace who seem to be actively at war with sci-fi and fantasy because it clashes with what they view as the practical. Lynn highlighted this mental defect by making an arch comment about how the name Luke Skywalker sounded like something one would name a housefly. It's sort of telling that a woman can look at a name with such potent biblical and mythological references and come up with the mental image of an insect clinging to the ceiling of a kitchen in a suburban home.

What it tells us is that Lynn, like Elly, really doesn't have the capacity to think much outside a very narrow range of experience; instead of flying free through the vast universe of the mind, she's content to wall herself inside her little fantasy capsule safe from the horrors of the new and different. She might talk a good game about having an imagination but said flights of fancy are usually directed not to anything scary and wrong like monsters and aliens and more towards the implausible adventures of someone far more freakish than Darth Vader: Erica Kane. Were they to realize exactly how weird the late unlamented serial polygamist is stacked up next to Jabba the Hutt, they'd die of input failure.
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