dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Feigning tolerance for fun and profit.......

The point josephusrex made yesterday about how Anne's panicky over-reaction to Leah's extra fingers was so that we could have Elly and John demonstrate how much more tolerant than their hangers-on is, of course, a symptom of a wider problem. As we'll see as the years wind on is that the Pattersons make a great big show of demonstrating how they are soooo much more virtuous than the rabble that surround them; what makes it all the worse is that the plaster saints Lynn would have us venerate are a collection of pious frauds. Let's start with the most telling case: Mira's totally out-of-left-field homophobia: not only were we treated to bigotry and fear, we were also being bludgeoned over the head with a reminder that Mike's mother-in-law should not be allowed any authority over anyone ever because she's in Elly's way. When you contrast her prejudice with the false piety of the Pattersons and their companion cannibals, the results tell against our heroes; not only is Lawrence's sexual preference regarded as an act of petty vengeance to keep Elly's little ventriloquist's dummy Connie from being a lunatic mother of the bride, he's just a peon trotted out to show off how good bad people are.
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