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The Not-so-great Providers........

It's been roughly four years or so since someone went out of their way to point out to Lynn that Mike looked like an awful father from his perspective. This fellow looked at the emotionally distant jerk who bleated pathetically to Deanna to remove the baffling half-people from his presence so he could devote more time to churning out abuse porn and who only seemed to regard his wife's occasional need for her own free time as not only a frightful inconvenience but as something unnatural and inexplicable save with a reference to woman hormones making her want things she doesn't have a right to and call the resultant mess a bad father; Lynn deviated from her usual flippant attitude to tell the man that no, Mike was an excellent father. This is, of course, because Lynn has a different idea of what a good father is: said ideal is John Patterson.

What this means, of course, is that a father isn't supposed to provide emotional support or engage with his children except when discipline must be administered or when a child's reasonable request must be denied in the name of parental authority; what a father's duty to his family is is to be the breadwinner and provide them with their material needs alone. What Lynn fails to realize is that Mike fails that test as well. Despite Deanna's enthusiasm for the stupid stunt he pulled because he didn't actually want to have to deal with the bad side of being managing editor, it's clear that Mike is pulling in about a third of what he used to back when he was calling the shots at Portrait. This makes him Deanna's third and least mature child.

Book-keeper Anthony would thus become alpha male distant patriarch because he's got a sure thing. Mike used to have a sure thing despite still spending money like he was a University student being propped up by the 'rents but now he's been reduced to a churner out of piece work who's regarded as a sordid joke in the publishing industry for whining to Mommy because his boss expected him to make a business decision.
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