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Food is love......

It occurs to me that there's a factor in Elly's need to make sure that her family eats the appalling, tasteless lump of salty, fatty goop she calls dinner that I have yet to cover: the fact that it takes hours and hours to create Cheapie Weenie Casserole. Suicide Stew and all the other greasy, salt-laden gunge that her family wolfs down without even tasting it. Since it took her so long to make the food, it saddens and confuses her that her family rejects her hard work for such trivial concerns such as taste, texture and the need for food to not touch other food.

What really seems to hurt is that she makes a logical leap that might qualify her to star in a Nike ad by assuming that since they don't love her Little Yellow Surprise, they must not love her at all. This same confusion between not liking a certain thing she does with not loving who she is and therefore wishing for to die alone and forgotten also seems to animate her moaning about how nobody seems to notice her hard work as a housewife until she's not doing it.

In case this sounds as if I'm saying that all Elly needed was a random kind word to keep her from obsessing about how bad her life was and how no one loved her at all, keep in mind that she's a creepy narcissist whose appetite for approval knows no bounds. She reminds me of the crazy woman from "Empty Nest" who seemed to live and die for her doctor father's approval; I get the same vibe of her sucking her family dry and bleating for more love and more approval and more consolation as I do from the wingnut on the sitcom.
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