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Mike: my problem with him......

As you already know by now, it really bothers me how Mike treats Liz; while it's true that they didn't get along well when they were children, you'd think that once they grew up, he'd grow out of the whole smug treating her like dirt thing that defined him as a child. The problem with that is that he not only never grew out of being a shit, he's been steadily getting worse as the years wear on. The reason for this is that he hasn't got it in him to respect her personal boundaries.

Let's start with the infamous strip in which he treated her fear of the reoccurence of the emotional betrayal that nearly crippled her as a huge joke; my guess is that the ridiculous bucket of poop is still out of sorts because she didn't agree that her feelings are as meaningless and laugh-worthy as she herself is. This lack of regard for her feelings or need for privacy came into play earlier when he regarded her private life as fodder for one of his arch and abusive stab-in-the-back slice-of-life articles and when he bleated about how she deserves every bit of abuse she's had to deal with (if not more) because she's more attractive than he is. About the only time she ever received a compliment was when he realized that she and Deanna looked alike and that only happened because he's a perv.

Contrast all that with how seriously he wants his every stupid little reverse treated; we are dealing with someone who greeted the merest mention that infidelity was possible by bleating pathetically about how Rhetta was a false-hearted woman with a heart made out of stone and spent her time laughing as he writhed in pain....about an event that had yet to even occur. The merest mention that his misery was as fictitious as his genius and good will was greeted with even more whining.

Simply put, I cannot be asked to treat an alleged man who regards non-events that happen to him as meaning far more than the real pain of those around him with anything other than revulsion and contempt. That puts him on the same level as the person he most takes after: Elly. Like his mother before him, he has no idea what isn't his business, has no real empathy for those around him and tends to want to be pitied for non-events.
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