dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

John and the Hormones......

As we all know, John works fairly hard and thus doesn't really have the energy to do much housework at the end of a busy day staring down people's throats and worsening the pain in his lower back even if he wanted to. The thing is that even if he did have the energy, he'd still insist that Elly shoulder most, if not all, of that burden because she's the woman and that's like her thing. Not only does this entail deceiving her into thinking that he's helpless, it also means that he has to blind himself to the fact that she not only feels overwhelmed by the challenge at the best of times, she doesn't want to be defined solely as his little slave-girl. Rather than admit that he's a boorish clod who wants free maid service or that the woman he professes to love feels severe self-doubt, he ascribes her discomfort to woman hormones clouding her thinking and thus making her unhappy with something that's supposed to fill her with mindless glee. By the time he did figure out that she needed more in her life than to darn socks and bake cookies, they were both wringing their hands in terror because the spoiled princess that they didn't realize that they'd raised was making unfair noises about not wanting to move to the Tiny Train House just because Mike was too selfish and lazy to find his own housecleverly frustrated Mira's attempt to ensnare him in her family politics; since he was at that point inhabiting his shed and working on his eyesore model train layout, he didn't have to apologize for being an arsebucket.

This, of course, raises a second problem; given how slowly John's mind works, it's sort of an annoying turn of events that by the time it did occur to him that she wanted more out of her life than housework, her exposure to the real world scared and embarrassed her so much, she retreated to the safety of her comfy little home so that she would not have to face the stigma of her many failures. Her retiring from Lilliputs because she had to work for real is a foreshadowing not only of Mike's running home to Mommy after Gluttson told him to do his job, it's also a foretelling of why Deanna opens up that sewing school. My guess is that she'll either be too stressed out to do her job or be told to leave after accidentally killing someone by getting their meds mixed up.
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