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Lynn: failed painter.

As a long-term follower of the strip, Lynn's plans to go back to painting after she allegedly retired intrigued me; I had, at the time, thought that a change in medium and subject matter would do her a world of good by reminding her of why she became an artist in the first place. It turns out, of course, that my enthusiasm was misguided owing to her changing her mind. In a recent video letter to her fans, she'd started out by talking about how she'd originally planned to paint portraits of the flowers in her garden but decided against it because she claims to need to have a reason to do something.

Said reason is a passionate commitment to a deadline; this, translated into English, means that she views her art as a means to the end of making a living. There's nothing wrong with that, of course; I simply wish that she would stop spouting off about muses and behaving as if the ability to create was not doled out by gods instead of being part of being human. I also wish that she would stop chortling about filling empty spaces on her wall as if this is some sort of novel concept; this, of course, is akin to my hope that she'll someday learn that anyone can be a creator.

Another thing I wish that she would stop doing is complaining about how unfair it is that she's not instantly good at something. Most of the second minute was dedicated to passive-aggressive bitching that she had to practice her technique and get into the process; given that most people would look at that as being part of the fun, her complaining that there's no pill to take to be automatically good at coloring and her resentment of those who actually do show her up by working hard is an annoyance greater than watching her try to flap her arms and fly around her back yard.
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