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Thelma Baird Revisited Yet Again....

As we're about to see in the next few weeks, Mrs Baird is the one who shows up and helps Mike decide what to be for Halloween this year; granted, I wouldn't have picked "World War One biplane" as a theme for a costume but then again, I'm not a British-to-the-bootheels type who passed on in the mid-eighties at the ripe old age of eighty-something who grew up marvelling at the exploits of thePoyal Flying Corps. I'm also not a representation in print of Rod Johnston's mother.

The reason that it just now occurred to me that Mrs Baird is a mild fictionalization of Lynn's mother-in-law Ruth is that, well, Mrs Baird seems to have spent more time raising the kids than Elly ever did; although we never had a full-on acknowledgment of that fact, it seemed to me that she was more or less a sort of bonus aunt or a grandmother surrogate that the children could turn to when Elly was too busy to be bothered with them or too stubborn to cook what they wanted. Their loyalty even extended to wanting to sort of obstruct her attempt to move into a nursing home; given that Mike risked having to walk more than five blocks to hang out with Lawrence, that's saying something.

Compare that with real life in which we had Rod's parents not only take care of the kids in Lynn Lake but in Corbeil as well. Given the rough parallel between Thelma and Ruth, it seems to me that the extended sequence in which Elly wondered why she never did enough for her mentor when she was alive might have been inspired mostly by her wondering if perhaps she'd somehow exploited her mother-in-law's generous nature.
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