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The raspberry and the relationship law......

As I said yesterday, Lynn clearly seems to believe that Liz only ever managed to finally disentangle herself from Warren when he screamed in horror at the Token That Said She Was Taken. In the strip in her head, it was obvious to see that while she was building a life with Anthonty and Gee-what's-that-little-girl's-name-again-I-forgot-tee-hee-hee!!, she was also keeping her options open in case Anthony did something crazy like find another woman to make her jealous enough to fight for him like he did with the Wrong-girl-stop-asking-me-her-name-because-it's-just-a-comic-strip; the problem is that, as I said, it looked as if she'd broken things off with him when he didn't come running just because she said so.

The reason that long-term readers of the strip might think that she was trying very hard to discourage someone she no longer had time for merely because he expected her to come a-running is that we had a similar situation in a flashback; you see, Elly had her cap set on some paperboy who'd thought of her as an adhesive, dowdy nuisance and told her as such. Her reaction to his not wanting to contend with a clingy, screeching, pig-ignorant, literal-minded and pessimistic imbecile and laughing at her clumsy advances was much the same as Liz's reaction to being told point blank that people simply can't drop everything just because she's feeling lonely. Since Elly signified being over Colin Winch via Bronx cheer, most readers would be forgiven for assuming the same thing happened with Liz and Warren.
Tags: liz: whining martyr, lynn: failed creator, settlepocalypse, unfrozen caveman chopper pilot

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