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The irresistability effect.....

As you may or may not remember, I compared the romantic careers of Liz Patterson and Connie Poirier; the reason that they seemed to roughly parallel one another is that for some unknown reason, they were simultaneously irresistable, unforgettable and disposable. Any man they encounter seems to go through the same three stages in their relationship:
  1. Attraction: Upon encountering what most people in the real world would regard as a rather unattractive, clingy, needy, desperate and ultimately frightening human being, the man (hereafter referred to as the Victim) regards the woman (referred to as the Love Interest) as someone so attractive that he must pursue her at all costs to himself.
  2. Disposal: At some point in their relationship, the emptiness inside the Love Interest forces her to seek what she can never find in another man. At this point, the Victim, having felt a bit sullied, tries to find happiness with another woman.
  3. Imprinting: This is ultimately doomed because the Victim can never completely rid himself of his attraction to the Love Interest.
As you might have guessed, this need to present someone who isn't a very plausible romantic lead as Heat Incarnate answers a deep need within Lynn herself; she once said that she thought of herself as a keeper and needs to explain to herself why it's so difficult for her to stay kept. The answer that presents itself, sadly, is that men cannot see a good thing when they find it owing to her need to not admit that she makes it hard to stay kept.
Tags: amazonian catfish tinfoil hat, connie: the real lynn, liz: whining martyr

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