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The French Fact In The Foobiverse....

As you've no doubt guessed, I don't much care for the way Lynn portrays Franco-Ontarians like Anne Nichols and Thérèse Caine or Quebecois women like Connie Poirier; for someone who claims to embrace cultural diversity as much as she does, having the three standard-bearers for the French fact in the strip be in succession be

  1. A gullible and subservient doormat turned prison warden.
  2. A messed up young woman who doesn't mesh well with suburbanites who regard her as the ending of their dreams of pairing off two weak, silly people who can't cope with the real world and thus must be kept in the embrace of their families forever.
  3. Someone with a big chip on her shoulder because she wants to gain the approval of dead people

tends to make it look as if she has little use for her Francophone countrymen. That, I should think, is an unfortunate and unintentional side-effect of relying overly much on the odd habit Lynn has of contrasting the light touch the Pattersons (who rival Don Corleone in their lust for power) allegedly take with the capricious, self-absorbed tyranny that the cruel patriarchs who view their children as simply extensions of their own will take. Given the dying embers of Orange thought in this country, what is probably Lynn blathering away about heavy father poisoning looks like racism.
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