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Elly versus toys.....

You want to know a funny thing? Here's a funny thing: Lynn symbolized the "chaos" that she believes that Elly is helpless against on the front cover to the latest treasure by having her almost weep with anguish because her children were playing with a whole bunch of toys; given that the back cover has Lizzie dump out another bunch of toys while an exhausted and saddened Elly sleeps the sleep of the dead, I can't help but feel that Lynn really doesn't have much use for toys in general. I mean, look what happens in the strip itself; she and John are always screaming at them because they have too many toys or trying to get rid of them when they think the offsprings aren't paying attention or, most telling, whining because they never had anything that cool growing up. The real problem with toys, however, is not that they stir envy in their parents and only partly instill a feeling of victimism in those who clean them up; the problem with toys and playing is that it takes time away from doing chores.

 As we know, these aren't age-appropriate chores like putting toys away or helping with minor little tasks that a small child can do with out much effort; Elly seems to think that since she, a grown woman, is strong enough to rake and mow the lawn, wash the car or supervise Lizzie, Mike can and should do that so that he can repay them for all the money they could have spent on something for themselves on things he's perfectly capable of paying for himself but refuses to do so because he's lazy and hates them: things like putting clothes on his back, food in his belly and a roof over his head. He can also repay her for ruining her figure by adding those ten pounds she can never seem to lose by giving her the free time to do important things like gossip with her one friend about the other, watch soaps, make casseroles they only pretend to hate because they love seeing her feeling miserable and dash through her own housework in a fashion only slightly more coordinated than that of a chicken with its head cut off.   
Tags: child rearing disasters, elly versus her family, elly versus the real world

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