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Françoise: Perception versus Reality.....

As you may have noticed, I'd left one person out of my recent look at French-Canadian characters in the strip: Anthony's daughter Françoise or, as Elly and the family call her, that child of Anthony's. You and I might assume from her absence from the Strip of Destiny that she, like April, is being given short shrift because she's an obstacle to one of the stupid, useless and antisocial goals that the Pattersons have. Lynn, as you might have guessed, does not come close to seeing it that way.

I think that it's fairly safe to say that Lynn doesn't see what's happening in the strip in quite the same way you or I would. We've all seen how she turns a large, whining negative like Anthony and refers to him as being a positive; instead of seeing the sunken-chested, whimpering, heartless, clueless, spineless, gutless, marriage-destroying, obsessive, narrow-minded, envious, entitled dolt who'll spend the rest of his worthless life thinking that his first wife is pure evil because having a child didn't make her into Suzie Homemaker like it was supposed to, Lynn sees a figure somewhat akin to Strider Aragorn.

She also doesn't want at all to admit that Thérèse's suspicion of Elizabeth's motives was justifiable; if pressed, she'd cower behind something I freely admit: Liz never did anything beside whiningly violate social boundaries that got in the way of her being a clingy, passive, bleating nitwit simpering about how unfair it was that classmates who had the brains, courage and stamina to actually do things with their lives had things she didn't when it was clear as crystal to her that if she moaned piteously enough, people would simply hand her things she didn't earn. She chose instead to regard Thérèse as a cold, self-centered monster because she was an obstacle to the goal most Milboroughites had of uniting what she and they call destined sweethearts meant to live happily ever after and what we and, if they lived in the real world, they would call two weak, silly, and clueless people meant to pair off to protect everyone else from the two of them.

Similarly, Françoise is viewed very differently by her creator than she is by her audience. She, for instance, is being selfish and silly and mean for not accepting Liz into her day-to-day life We might think that Anthony is a poltroon and scoundrel for telling her point-blank "This is Lizzie's ass; kiss it or I'm cancelling Christmas" but since he's lauded as a hero for doing something he, as a man, is genetically incapable of doing and trying to raise a child, his act of smarmy, entitled varletry is ennobled as a courageous act against the chaos children represent. She also isn't supposed to miss or even want to know that her biological mother exists because Liz gives her the gift of time instead of the gift of gifts; we see a small child being brainwashed into hating her mother by a family of morons who, being the creation of a woman who was blindsided by cheating when she was very young and who won't move on with her life, won't admit that absence does not necessarily make the heart go wander. What really makes her a bad child is that she's far smarter and more creative as a seven year old than Liz will ever be; instead of being proud of raising a bright and curious child, Liz is humiliated by having to deal with questions she's too stupid and cowardly to know the answers tothe malice of a monster child who wants to make her look dumb.
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