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Mike, Divala and reality: how things should have gone.

As you might have guessed, I'm not a fan of the way the inept dimwit Mike wound up getting handed a job for which he was manifestly unsuited and which he abandoned in the most ridiculously gutless manner possible for the very stupid reason that people might resent him for actually making a decision. The very stupid way is that the man who fired him in the first place got caught up in a Stalinist-style purge of people who supported the target of Mike's big fat load of libelous slander.

As I've said before, the whole thing is ridiculous in the first place because despite what he believed, he was never meant to do a serious article about Divala; what he was meant to do was observe her and notice some quirky little rituals she went through to add a bit of a human touch to the press release her handlers handed him. What happened instead is that he got his shorts in a wad because a busy woman who had a lot more on her plate than the anonymous, pasty-faced drone that Mike really is ever could had no time for the barrage of pointless questions coming from some jerk white kid pretending to be Jimmy Olsen.

As I said the last time I covered this subject, he would still get fired from his job but the Stalinist purge would not take place; what I think should really have happened instead is that Divala would not have had to contend with vengeful nitwits sick with the tall poppy syndrome but instead been the heroine of the piece. That's right: Mike would be the moron who had to answer for his sins as a creative artist. My reasoning is that there's a lot more wrong with him than there is with someone whose only crime is designing while beige; the jerkass in me, you see, assumes that most of the people lining up to talk about her supposed crimes are best described as "not-racist-but".

Watching him squirm his way through life having to answer for being a whiny little bitch because the EMTs were too busy saving Deanna's life and not taking the time to deal with some buzzard-like paparazzo whose contribution was being a self-absorbed hindrance would be, at the very least, wonderful fun in and of itself as would watching him have to contend with all of the people whose life stories he'd turned into fodder for one of his humanity-free human interest stories. The capper, as I implied, would be him trying to deny the charge of being a bigot; by the time the media got done with him and his pathetic flailings-about, his reputation would be in tatters and his name a byword for bigotry. All in all, it couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.
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