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Callousness begins at the Pattersons' home.....

The strip that originally saw the light of day on 1 November 1982 had, to put it mildly, a dissatisfying punchline; it started out promisingly enough with Mike happily sharing his candy with John but John's mental note turned sweetness into something sordid and repulsive. That's because John thought-bubbled "A fool and his Milk Duds are soon parted"; the message Lynn sent there is that instead of being happy that his son was being generous, John was mocking him for not being a greedy idiot.

This leads me to a problem I have with the characters; whenever the concept of "sharing" or "generosity" comes up, you don't see the warm, loving family that Lynn's fans say exist; what you do see is a bunch of crabby dogs-in-the-manger who make the fine word "generosity" into a synonym for "gullibility".

This, of course, seems to come from somewhere within Lynn's psyche; Mike's hatred of having to share things seems to proceed from what she saw as being made to lose on purpose so that Alan could be the boss of her despite being younger. If what I think to be happening here is happening, a lot of what's wrong with the family stems from childhood baggage and the need to keep gnawing away at irrelevant old grudges.
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