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How Fiona connects to Mira.....

Since, as I reminded you, it's clear that the Pattersons equate generosity with being made a sucker of, it's equally clear why they incessantly bleat that Mira wants to ensnare Mike and Deanna in her family politics and make slaves of them. Since they can't for the life of them see that she isn't trying to give them things as a round-about way of taking advantage of them, her selflessness is given the name of treachery by the heartless.

What irritates me the most, though, is that when they do talk about what most bothers them about the Housening, it's that they probably have Fiona Brass in mind when they do defame Mira. This is most likely owing to their both being somewhat portly and not necessarily caring what the Pattersons thought of them and what they wanted. The difference, of course, is the reason they threw their weight around.

Fiona, you see, was an active hindrance to day-to-day life in the Pattermanse because she traded on her loose affiliation to John so as to exploit his need to impress his family for her own advantage; Mira, on the other hand, was an active hindrance to John and Elly's plans to own Michael's horses because she wanted her daughter to have the best possible chance in life and didn't much care for her son-in-law's need to live his life so as to enrich entitled dipshits screaming about super-crazy no-way fantasy lives of privation.

What's also not amusing in a good way is that Mike is the character that most resembles Fiona; the minor detail of the Pattersons leaving their home because he'd made it uninhabitable is something that Lynn would have us ignore. What she does want us to see is that her mother is evil and so is whatever relative of Rod's didn't see the need to treat her like royalty.
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