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How April lost the Housening: A reminder.

Let's pick up where we left off yesterday and remind ourselves that Elly thought that all the crap that Mike and Deanna shoved into the rec-room April was forced to stay in because of Liz's idiotic refusal to get her own apartment until it became clear that she'd be paying rent to Mike was somehow April's property and thus her mess to clean up. The reason, of course, is that Elly is stupid; since she didn't see who moved what where because she was too busy complaining to Connie about how big a pain in the ass April was being about things, she put two and two together and got horseradish. While it looked as if this might have led to April getting anything more than a non-apology wherein Elly tricked a child desperate for any signs that her family cared about her into thinking that she wasn't actually upset that they treated her like an afterthought at best and an opponent at worst, it went nowhere near there for any number of stupid reasons. Let's list them again:
  1. The first reason appeared almost immediately in the form of Liz and her stupidly-run love life; most, if not all, of April's problems might have gone away if she had a real bedroom to call her own instead of inhabiting a waste space whose privacy no one respected. That was a non-starter because her older sister used her break-up as an excuse to camp out in her parents' house and act like the spoiled, ignorant, selfish teenager her idiot father only thought April was.
  2. Speaking of John, nothing will ever really convince the fool that April had a legitimate grievance; this is owing to his not wanting or being able to see himself from someone else's perspective. Since he doesn't know that he looks like a childish clod cowering in a shed while plotting to throw his family under the bus so he can build a train set he won't let other people play with, he has no idea why April objected to the move.
  3. Besides, he and Elly have so much invested in the implausible scenario of her somehow making such a dramatic scene (because that's what teenagers do) that their enemies would swoop down and stop the Housening dead in its tracks, they never bothered taking her down to the Tiny Train House so as to calm her down. To do that would risk Mike and Deanna being enslaved by Mira's family politics so that can't possibly have happened.
  4. Mike and Deanna were of no real help on that score either; Mike had his head wedged and Deanna needed her to sit for her so it's not like she could just nip down, take a look-see and figure out where in Elly's sewing room a twin bed could fit.
  5. This, of course, is assuming that she'd wanted to; that's because she had the only legitimate concern. She knew that the second she crossed the threshold, she'd be publicly shamed into acting against her own best interests and admitting something she knew to be a lie.
Simply put, the deck was stacked against her from the beginning because the illegitimate feelings of privation her imbecile family shoved in her face meant more to them than the real fears and concerns she might have had. 

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