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How April lost her furniture and other fun things.

As I never seem to grow tired of saying, the Pattersons as a general rule tend to not put quite the same value on the personal property of others as you or I would. Instead of considering the rights of others when deciding how to treat their material possessions, they tend to see things that don't belong to them as being theirs to do with as they see fit because of a false sense of privation and a need to see themselves as being more fit to decide what belongs to who than the people who actually own it.

This odd belief had one of its most irritating expressions during the Spring of 2007. As we know, none of the Pattersons took April’s concerns about the lead-up to the Housening especially seriously; Elizabeth might have been the most visible in-strip offender what with her arch and ignorant comment about how April is clearly making a big deal over nothing because she isn’t facing dying old, unloved and alone because no one is there right that second to hold her hand and John might be the worst offender all around with his smug refusal to acknowledge that the very worried April that really exists and the over-dramatic April in his head aren’t the same girl. You’ll notice that they owe their status as high-ranking offenders owing to their refusal to pay attention to what Mike and Deanna were doing: commandeering April’s furniture as if it was theirs by right of, well, conquest. It has probably never occurred to any Patterson that at the very least, Mike should offer to pay her fair market value for what she bought with her own money; the only excuse he might be able to muster is that he had no idea that it’s not actually his parents’ property to dispose of as they see fit because he was too stupid to ask.

Then again, he could simply have decided that since he needed the room and its possessions, they were his to take, April's needs be damned. He had a lot of help being an ass because, as I said, John would rather not admit that April had real concerns, Liz was being a selfish little shit, Elly had no spine and Deanna was raising the specter of being beholden to a woman who wanted nothing but to see her daughter happy in order to stampede her idiot in-laws into helping jam it to her mother so no one could admit that April had suffered an injustice without cost to themselves.

Speaking of Mira, I should think that in her letters to her friends about what her daughter’s insane and grabby in-laws got up to, we’d see something like:

“I keep trying to bring up how neglected their daughter April seems to feel but the Pattersons simply don’t want to discuss the issue; this must be what Deanna means when she talks to her friends about how Wilf and I play ‘family politics’ with her and Michael. Simply put, the youngest has to sit there and take abuse because that’s her job and because they’d rather have her suffer than deal with me.”

That’s because she’s not totally stupid and has no need to punish April for getting in the way; granted, she’d feel like crap because she knew that a relative innocent was suffering because greedy, heartless people and a wayward child feared her motives but would console herself with the realization that April isn’t an imbecile and would figure out what really happened later on.

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