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Accepting the impossible or why Phil didn't save Jim.

Another thing that made the Pattersons angry with April was her belief that Jim was as he really was: an intelligent human being trapped in a shell of a body because his idiot relatives did nothing to really help him. Granted, Iris was nicer about believing Jim to be an imbecile but even she shook her head indulgently at the poor "deluded" child's alleged ignorance; everyone else acted as if the doctor's first assessment was chiseled in stone and no help could be given him. 

You would think, then, that her uncle Phil would somehow come to her and Jim's rescue and free his father from not only an idiot older sister who was content to stand around like a wooden Jesus in a country graveyard and ignore the obvious pleas for help an incompetent, senile fat old woman who combined stupidity with her oh-so-typical refusal of a certain class of moronic old biddy to associate competence and knowledge with having a uterus. Just as her smirking, chirping, arm-flailing creator assumes that medical professionals are mindless eye candy because they're woman, that old dough-head Iris blew off every God-damned bit of advice that the therapists tried telling her because they were just girls and thus as simple-minded as her. Since she was an active hindrance to his rehabilitation and Elly clearly too lazy, stupid and self-absorbed to take matters out of her hands, you'd think Phil would have taken Jim away from the fatuous old fat women and arsebucket nephews calling him insane.

To do so, you'd have to imagine a Phil who actually was insane; he knew that if he tried injecting reason into the conversation, he'd have a fight on his hands. Not only would he have a second wife he barely knew making a big, God-damned scene about how cruel he was for stopping a stupid old cow from killing Jim with kindnesssetting at naught the super-romantic 'commitment' she'd made to Jim, he'd have to listen to his lazy, self-indulgent older sister and her two worthless older children bleat about their wholly imaginary support. The real deal-killer, of course, would be not wanting them to somehow twist April's real benevolence into something sick and horrible to sate their own vanity.

In short, he knew enough of the family politics to see who'd be the most hurt by his acting like a human being instead of a Patterson.
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