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Generalizations about giving thanks.....

As I've said before, it seems to me that Lynn is being less than honest with her fans about why she never once thought to write a Thanksgiving strip in her twenty-nine year spree as a writer/artist/national champion. The same woman who blithely lards her strip with Canadianisms (or, to put it more properly, words and phrases most commonly used by Westerners born in the middle of the twentieth century) without a second thought told her fanbase that she didn't want to be too Canadian while at the same time telling them that it simply isn't that big a deal up here.

The thing is that as a Canadian myself, I know that to be a lie; while it isn't the official start of the Christmas season like it is in the States, it's as important as, say, Labor Day or any other of the second-tier holidays that we celebrate. That being it, it might be that the Ridgway family, who give off the impression of trying to be more British than the Queen, might not have thought very much of the day and not celebrated it as such. Since Lynn tends to think that everyone around her acts and thinks like she would, it would make sense to her that a day she doesn't see as being all that special isn't special to anyone else either.

The constant discovery that we're not all like her is, of course, discounted or turned into a joke-like sentence that is also a plea for sympathy; her comment about our asking her to remember her characters' names means that we want to torment her or force her off the page reminds us that we're dealing with a woman who doesn't want to own up to being ignorant unless she can be pitied for it.
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