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Shilling the Farley: why Lynn no longer has a staff.

In her most recent podcast, Lynn started out talking about the Farley Foundation and the work they do for pet owners before launching into a discussion of her witless mishandling of the Farley plushie. As we all know, she went through a lot of unnecessary trouble in order to make money off of her character when she could have done so far easier had she let someone else do it and had she specified what she wanted instead of assuming that the Chinese knew what she wanted without the annoying habit of having to tell them. What makes it all the more annoying is her stupid reason for doing so. howtheduck noticed that when Lynn saw a certain group of people buying something based on her characters, her first instinct was to create something to sell to that same group of people. This is why she tried selling her plushie to the people who buy the treasuries and why she's got a garage filled with poorly-constructed golf gear meant for the segment of veterinarians who spend their free time playing golf. What she doesn't have is a series of collectors' plates for the sort of people who love those sort of things because she doesn't know that those people even exist. To be fair to her, though, the idea of selling something to people she doesn’t know about and could probably never even conceive of is so far beyond her, it would almost be an act of cruelty to try to explain it to her.

The reason for this blind spot is that Lynn seems to be a hapless nitwit when it comes to the business world; we’ve seen how overwhelmed Elly was by having to run the bookstore. how John is supposed to be an ogre for daring to suggest that Elly pay attention to where her money comes from and goes to and how being asked to make a real business decision so traumatized Mikey-Girl that he ran home to Mommy so she could protect him from the big mean man so we know that she sees an inability to cope with the financial world as a virtue. What we also see is that she has no idea of what the public at large might actually want; aside from those attracted to the repulsive for its own sake, I doubt that anyone would actually want to buy a leering rubber homunculus with a penis but we still get reminders to buy our Ned Tanner dolls.

What this tells me is that Lynn’s staff must have spent a lot of their time trying to explain to her that what she thought was a sure-fire winning product would fail; it also tells me why she fired them: they lacked faith in her non-existent business judgment. That, sadly, is the price they had to pay for being the real-life versions of Moira Kinney. In the strip, the penalty she had to pay for knowing what the masses would want (a thing that Elly and Lynn regard as a super-power) is to have her horses owned by a moronic dilettante; in reality, she'd join Mira, Thérèse and Paul in the ranks of the hating haters who hate.

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