dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The reluctance factor....

Ever notice that when Elly is all hepped up to do something with the children that they don't like, it's always magically their fault when the inevitable balking happens? We're about to see that early next Spring when Lizzie does NOT want to get all duded up for the Easter parade and we're going to see it ten years from now when they act like April is a fiend from Hell because she would rather go home than sit on the lap of a bony-kneed mall Santa. What we don't see is any sort of admission from Elly that her blithely ignoring the visible discomfort of her children with a given situation might constitute some sort of a problem; as expected, the blame is placed on the children for wanting to make Elly look bad and not Elly for not admitting or realizing that children get tired easily, have a harder time hiding their being ill-at-ease with a situation than adults and, above all, experience time as passing far more slowly than she does. Time and again, we see her blank face issue forth the reminder that a thing is only going to take what the child experiences as an eternity; her inability to remember how long time used to drag on when she was young is a companion with her being totally incapable of seeing that when she's somewhere a child can see her, he or she is going to think that she or he can approach her no matter what. As always, the only viewpoint she can see is her own.
Tags: elly versus her family

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