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The social guidance film and the Flapandhonk

As we all know from either personal experience or exposure to the television program Mystery Science Theater 3000, there used to be a genre of short films targeted at school children meant by their producers to guide them towards adherence to certain social norms. These social guidance films were known for their low production values, wooden acting and, well, kitschy over-reliance on the need to conform to the norm. All the fathers were as distant, stupid and authoritarian as John, the mothers were so many clones of June Cleaver and the children were presented as either avatars of chaos incarnate who needed a firm hand to keep them from destroying society by thinking unorthodox thoughts or grinning dummies who were content to sit in their glass cases until such time as Mommy wanted to show them off.

Most people that I’m aware of join Crow, Mike and Tom Servo in making light of the very archaic philosophies espoused in such films as well as the unrealistic expectations therein; a person would have to be very pliable and very stupid on top of being transfixed by the idea that there is Only One Right Way of doing anything. Such a person lived in Vancouver in the late nineteen sixties; her name at the time was Elly Richards and unlike her bored classmates who spent their free time making fun of films with titles like “Conform, Damn You”, “Children spoil faster than milk” and “Keep’em in the Kitchen”, she believed every stupid damned thing she saw no matter how ridiculous it would be to expect what she was shown in the real world.

We don’t need to imagine what would happen when such a person had to live in the real world because Lynn has provided us with the disturbed and disturbing proof; simply put, the children are evil, defiant alien space monsters who hate her and love to see her in pain because they don’t follow the script to the letter. 

Tags: elly versus the real world

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