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Manic Pixie Dream Foobs.....

In her latest incoherent ranting about her technique or lack there-of, Lynn spent a good deal of time talking about how she was entering into some sort of dream realm. This seemed familiar to most of the people in the Foobiverse community so I checked and noticed that whenever she does talk about her writing, she not only admits to the ludicrous process of always working backwards from a punchline, she says that when she's in the mythical Zone that only people touched by the Gods Themselves can enter, she's in a fantasy capsule or dream state or some such nonsense in which she can indulge her screwball belief that only the Elect Few can dare think of creating new things.

Given that when a person does record the contents of his or her dreams, the imagery is bizarre, the characters fantastical and their deeds nonsensical, it seemed to a group of those assembled to try to decipher the decrees of this discount Delphic oracle that she was being honest because, well, the adventures of the Pattersons make no sense if you insist on being an evil, unfair, picky-faced hater who wants to abolish laughter and try to make real-world sense of what you're seeing. If you look at them as the dream of a crazy, stupid, immature, out-of-touch woman who doesn't understand the world around her but thinks that she does, they start to look more understandable.
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