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Law and Order: Milborough or How to Hoodwink a Pattersaint.

While we're on the subject of games that the Pattersons don't know the rules to, I'd like to talk to you about the criminal justice system once more. I've already explained that to an empty-headed nitwit like John who likes snap judgments based on superficial impressions, an aggressive refusal to think about things lest he be seen as not practical and stereotypes he's far too cowardly and weak-willed to question, the process seems like a vast, boring waste of time. To him, the simplest answer (by which he means the one that he first formulated when he was seven and is too mentally lazy to bother changing) is the best so the endless expense of having to find out what's really going on seems like an exercise in not only wasting tax dollars but doing something dangerous and wrong: asking him what he believes, why he believes it and how it might make him look at himself as being a malevolent, greedy, heartless, callous, bigoted, misogynistic, immature, self-centered and all-around worthless son of a bitch.

His ignorance of the rules of the society he's a piss-poor member of afflict his children; as by way of example, during the trial, the victims support counselor told Liz a flat-out lie about how she and Anthony could not compare notes about the coming after because if they did, Howard's attorney would accuse them of conspiracy and get him off scott free. What it looked like to forworsewas that the woman sized up the situation, realized that Liz was being taken advantage of by Anthony and made up a law sight unseen to protect her from her 'savior'. Since neither of them knew a damned thing about how the law works, they fell for her little stunt like the imbeciles they are.
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