dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

John doesn't listen to himself...

It isn't just Elly's need to impose an artificial fairness that warped Mike and Liz; we also have to contend with John's need to be a disciplinarian and its jarring collision with his equally strong need to not admit that he doesn't have the knowledge, patience, intellect, awareness, humility or moral authority to wield his power correctly.

As an example that isn't the Housening, let's re-examine how he handled Lizzie's habit of sucking her thumbs; anyone who can claim the title of thinking, feeling human being would immediately recognize it as a sort of comfort behavior meant as a coping mechanism when the person was feeling low. Since John can't or won't allow woman emotions to enter his manly mind, he didn't act like someone (in his words) had put a skirt on him and worry about how she felt; what he did, as we all know, was stick a piece of hardware in her mouth that made her feel even worse about herself and expose her to more vicious teasing. Her pleas to be released from the infernal device went unheard because, well, all John allowed himself to see was that there was a mechanical problem to be addressed, he'd done so and that was an end of it.

This would be bad enough but when you remember that John is most of the problem, it really makes you want to beat the smug smirk off of his stupid, ugly face. That's because he won't resist the temptation to make cutting remarks about people's looks and won't admit that he's in the wrong; Elly is too old enough to be sensitive, Liz and April are too young and Mike is a boy so he should grow a pair. Simply put, his belief that he's being asked to almost castrate himself by having to think about how other people feel about themselves explains why Liz is so needy, Mike is such a repulsive ass and why John will make asinine, murder-worthy comments about how April thinks too highly of herself to deal with a slithering sack of pus wearing a fruity-looking old-timey railway worker's costume.
Tags: john - grinning weirdo, john needs vitamin stfu, john: little tin god or petty tyrant?

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