dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Ho-Ho-Hoarding: Elly, Clutter and Christmas.....

As we all know, Elly tends to emulate the humble packrat in her love of squirreling away non-essential items that stir some emotion in her bosom. Many is the time that her need to grab onto something she can't use but wants anyway suborns her judgment and compromises her bond with her family. As a for-instance, she still resents Phil for wanting a pump-organ he could actually have put to use because she'd awarded it to herself as recompense for his winning their childhood.

This means that it's something close to a Godsend that she's found one positive virtue in a season that would otherwise mean nothing but hard work and being underappreciated by selfish children; that's because she sees the Holiday season as a license to gather together all the discarded wrapping paper for the alleged purpose of reuse. No amount of verbiage pointing out that she never does held any meaning for her until it was explained to her that by doing so, she was no longer conforming to a societal norm.

This odd tendency also explains another phenomenon that I've discussed: the fact that her freezer is loaded with decades-old leftovers. A sane person would have gotten rid of the freezer-burnt crap ages ago but the dimwitted old nutter still insists that it's all ready for re-use.
Tags: elly versus the real world, holidazed pattersons, x-ing out xmas.

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