dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Elly versus her gynaecologist....

Ever notice how carefully and sensitively Lynn didn't discuss women's health issues in the strip? It's always amazed and alarmed me that instead of treating a serious topic with due decorum, we end up having to trudge through a seemingly endless array of strips that make a coarse, juvenile and sordid joke of something that means something to most people.

As a for instance, let's remember the fact that Elly seemed to go directly from having a week-long attack of PMS to a twenty-year long menopause after the evil spoiled picky-faced Martian princess blighted her life. A better artist and a better person would have handled the change of life with a certain amount of discretion; Lynn chose to treat her audience to old wives' tales, complaining about male insensitivity and delightful visual humor that reminds us how funny and disgusting Lynn thinks the human body is.

Speaking of "delightful" visual humor, let us also not forget her ultra-dehumanizing look at screening for breast cancer; if she thinks that this nonsense will win her an award from the pink ribbon people, she's daydreaming in Technicolor. The "funny" image of Elly's tongue shooting out of her mouth because she was getting her breasts X-rayed might allow Lynn to indulge in her need to remind us that the human body is disgusting and therefore funny; what it won't do is encourage women to seek help; none of these strips will.
Tags: lynn versus the real world

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