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Lynn, Kleptomania and Kortney....

In her notes concerning the current morality play we're being forced to endure, Lynn has revealed something about herself that she didn't intend to in her daily effort to both silence picky-faces who want her to either remember boooooooring details or give up and to solicit sympathy because her life is haaaaaaard: she's been known to shoplift for the thrill of it. The current arc seems to be a wish-fulfillment fantasy in which Mike is rewarded for doing what she never did and publicly returning the love object/reminder of how guilty she felt after the adrenaline rush wore off instead of what she feared would happen: public condemnation and having to face real-world consequence such as exposure to the criminal justice system.

This whole thing puts Elly's interaction with her thieving, Martian-princess-intimidating, lying, ass-covering employee Kortney Krelbutz in a new and disturbing light. It seems to me that the same Lynn who likes the idea of sticking it to the man so much that she had a seven-year old spout age-inappropriate chatter about how a great big store isn't going to miss a nine-dollar scarf probably dug the idea of having a "clever" thief hanging around jamming it to the propeller-haired snitch that poor, put-upon Elly was stuck raising. The fact that Elly could no longer blame any losses on a "mysterious" thief instead of her not-at-all-mysterious dilettantism and ineptitude as a business owner and human being was just one of the reasons that she whiningly quit her hobby job.

The problem, of course, is that there's enough honesty in Lynn to realize that the concept of criminal mastermind is a contradiction in terms; most thieves tend to be rather stupid....as evidenced by how easy it was for Moira to play detective and find out what 'clever' ploys she'd used to baffle the turnip-nosed cretin who thinks of herself as a hero.
Tags: amazonian catfish tinfoil hat, elly versus her family, kortney, picky-face martian princess creature

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