dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

On Critical Research Failure: A Reassessment

As we've remarked upon in the past, Lynn appears to have the habit of confusing a technique that appeals to her with a hard and fast rule that must be obeyed. It's why she never uses an eraser and it's why she draws hovercars; in the first instance, she more than likely misunderstood what a pro who was pretty much on autopilot's advice that when she got good, she wouldn't have to erase things all that often to mean "Never erase" and in the latter, she confused "Having a car seemingly float is a good way to indicate motion" with the command "Always draw hovercars."

That being said, it's clear that her habit of not paying close attention to what her instructors were saying and turning a tip into a decree comes into play when it comes time to draw objects. Instead of spending time and energy she doesn't know that she can spend on actually drawing real objects, she's collected a series of trinkets over the years to use as models for vehicles and animals. Not only does that explain why her cars are all misshapen, we get a clue as to why the pets look as if Milborough was built on top of a nuclear waste dump; since the toy cats and rabbits aren't very accurate, Shimsaa and Butterscotch look like mutants.
Tags: lynn: failed creator

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