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The real meaning of the shoplifting arc

The reason that I mentioned Lynn's issues with her parents and their "unfair" habit of living within their means is that I personally think that she used it as a justification after the fact for the end result of her poor impulse control. Rather than admit that she has a mental problem that compels her to latch onto things that she didn't need, she talked herself into blaming her parents for being tight-fisted for her will towards petty, mindless larceny.

That being said, we all know that she expects far more of those around her than she does herself; she can lie, cheat and steal because her life was sooooooo hard, conventional morality shouldn't apply to her. Her children, on the other hand, must behave the way she was supposed to. This, I should think, is why Lynn wrote the Mike Shoplifts arc for the reason she did. As I said the other day, it doesn't take much mental effort to translate her huffy expectation that the store manager give Aaron a "lecture on honesty" to mean that Lynn expected her to angrily threaten a scared four year old with prison. When the harped-on threat failed to materialize, Lynn no doubt jabbed her finger in the air and vowed revenge for being humiliated and vowed to get history right.

There is, of course, a second, darker, strand of revisionist history to contend with. In the real world, Aaron stole that toy because he wanted it; in the strip, Mike was stealing a present for Elly. Simple as paper, Lynn thinks that if Aaron is going to steal, he should steal something for her.
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