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A Storm In April: a synopsis.

The interesting thing about the other specials is that all of them might as well have been taken from the strip itself. An example of this is the retelling of April's birth titled "A Storm In April."

We start things off watching Elly getting ready to go out and praising April for staying so still. John comes in to set up the conflict by asking her if taking a two year old to a library is a smart thing to do; she brushes off his suggestion that having Anne babysit the child would be the wiser course by blithely gushing about how busy the library isn't on a Saturday as well as the age-inappropriate amenities provided for much older children. After commenting on how Mike and Liz are barely around these days, John restates his concerns only to be told that a two year old needs to learn something that can't matter to her: where Mommy does all day aside from cleaning up without help or time to herself. Upon arriving, her cooing irritates some patrons despite her being shushed earlier; she goes on to anger a Milborough Mutant by reminding her that her nose is en route to becoming a trunk before making off with and crasking a trolley laden with books while Blindsided Panicky Idiot Elly's attention is diverted and eventually throwing up on Mommy.

After they get home, Elly sits at the table, sighs a weary sigh to get her family's attention and pukes up something nasty of her own: a bullshit story about how she could take Mike and Lizzie anywhere without the sort of complications she'd endured that day. We then launch into a retelling of the events leading up to April's birth, You will be pleased to know that Elly's hysteria about April's birth and the accompanying negatvity and sense that her life had been ruined FOREVER and NONE OF HER DREAMS WILL EVER COME TRUE because SOME EVIL MARTIAN PICKY-FACE PRINCESS SPOILED IT BECAUSE CHILDREN HATE THEIR PARENTS AND THRIVE ON MALICE AND CHAOS, John's being an insenstive dickchoad, Mike's fears that he might just be called upon to think of other people beside himself as well as the tunnel vision that makes them ignore Lizzie's feelings that she's being brushed aside are all faithfully reproduced in limited animation and spoken by actors who would otherwise be doing dinner theater. We even get the debate as to which pizza parlor is closer to the house so Lynn can set up that ridiculous sight gag of John freaking out because the neighbors will think that his youngest child came with cheese fingers and the soda of their choice. After an irritating non-sequitur pun about April's birthdate (April fools all of us), Mike and Liz go off somewhere to listen to headache music and Elly spews up some self-serving nonsense about how their children grow up too fast.

You will have noticed right off the bat that Elly failed to remember the past at all well; most of what happened wouldn't have if she'd listened to John and not acted as if her co-workers were free baby-sitters. To be fair, it's not like she can learn from the past without admitting that the nasty, cruel voice that keeps her awake at nights and calls her an incompetent dimwit is right. It's easier to revise history and forget that the older children who were even worse behaved so that she can go on to resent the least annoying of the lot for MAKING SURE THAT THE DREAMS (that she doesn't have the brains or stamina to achieve in the first place) WILL BE FOREVER DENIED!!!
Tags: elly versus her family, foob history, foobs on film, picky-face martian princess creature

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