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The way the party should have gone....

In her latest notes, Lynn reminds us that Rod was and is far more outgoing than she can hope to be; with the exception of this particular arc, that seems to be the case for their avatars as well. That's because there are a lot of strips that depict Elly being more or less content to hover around the kitchen rather than make conversation or confront the social anxiety that cripples her model. What this tells me is that John should have been the one to be all gung-ho about a celebration Elly didn't want. Were that the case, he'd be cast as the same oblivious jerk who thought that an abandoned shanty in the woods was Ted's bachelor pad blithely ignoring Elly's concerns that she'd end up feeling very awkward and silly in a crowd setting. We could then see her "be made a fool of" and thus have a reason for her to be angry at John.

That being said, we'd still have the same side-effect: Mike thinking that whatever was wrong was his fault. Lynn might dress it up by saying that kids think that the world rotates around them but what's really going on is that Mommy and Daddy are yelling about something that they won't tell Mike about. Since the only thing that he can think of when they dummy up is that he's done something that enrages them to the point of silence and since neither of them have the brains to reassure him, he must have done or said something that made them mad at each other.
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