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More hicks, more problems......

As I reminded you the other day, this is the year in which the Patterson family went to Exile Farm for a family vacation because of John and Elly's need to use time off to teach the children something stupid. Just as we'd had to contend with a flawed journey to the lake and an uncomfortable train ride so that Mike and Liz could learn that they're fairly well off compared to some hypothetical child whose parents who don't feed, clothe and house him and thus owe John and Elly the use of their horses, this junket to the farm is supposed to teach two scatterbrained children the Value of Hard Work and the Superiority of Farm Folk. What they end up learning is that they hate the farm, don't like being talked down to and that old men think that Mommy belongs in the kitchen. This, of course, is because Lynn populates her rural areas with troll-like hayseeds who, as I mentioned before, whipsaw between dismissing anything female as a cretin and fearing bra time at the OK Corral.

We even run into one of these idiots at the farm; nothing seems to be able to convince this man that Elly has any sort of a brain because the idiot thinks that femininity and intelligence clash; given that said fool is a bachelor, it's more than likely that no woman would have him but he doesn't seem to have twigged to that quite yet. He's not, of course, alone; every time we encounter a lower-middle class type in his forties, he bitterly regrets the existence of female suffrage; this is so Lynn can say that she's better than the simple farm folk she wants her children to admire.
Tags: elly versus her family, exile farm

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