dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Twenty-Four Hour Smackdown People.

moegi pointed out something fairly interesting yesterday: April is the only Patterson to be gifted with unsolicited advice from pious nitwits. If Elly complained about turning fifty-five, would an armada of jerks tell her how lucky she was to live to be that age? I don't think so. Would platoons of whining martyrs berate John with endless tragedy pleas because he has the time and money to spend on his lunatic obsessionhobby? That isn't all that plausible, is it? Would Liz have to endure a conga-line of women lecturing her about arranged marriages the next time she moans about being single? I'd like to see that, but I know I won't. The next time Mike moans about the pressures of married life, are all the men and women widowed by 9/11 gonna rise up en masse and tell him how precious the time is and what an ungrateful jerk he is? He desperately needs to hear that but we all know he won't. The reason they don't get a tongue-lashing every time the open their mouths is, first, that they know to avoid pontificaters and, second, they refuse to stand around and be preached to. April, on the other hand, has been kept so cocooned in the Patterson household, she's probably not even aware that she can get away from the Guilt Trip Brigade, let alone not having to listen to them.
Tags: eva warzone, picky-face martian princess creature

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