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Foob: The Series.....Episode One.....

As I mentioned earlier, Lynn had her own television series for a while about the strip. What we had to contend with was an editorial about an aspect of the strip which, in a hilarious twist, foreshadowed the podcasts in that a minor technical detail was inexpertly explained while Lynn did her impersonation of a bird trying to take off. We then had to watch three short cartoons that would have worked well as arcs in the strip.

That being said, I'd like to talk about the first episode. We started off with Lynn explaining how hard it is to draw Elly because she needs her to look just frowsy enough to be identifiable as her avatar. This was a launching post into a series of shorts about how Elly always got the short end of the stick.

The segment from the Early Years is called "Three and Sympathy". As the short begins, we start off watching it rain. Elly, who's trying to bake an apple pie, has to contend with a tickle in her throat and a son who's being a disruptive arsebucket by getting into something with Lizzie. Upon realizing that Mom might have the flu, Mike whines that that is indeed awful because the pie is going uncooked. Mike and Lizzie decide to make the pie themselves when John comes home. After making an asinine comment about how hard it is to believe that the two of them were at all helpful, he surveys the damage and reminds her that being sick isn't compatible with being the mother of two idiot children.

The Middle Segment is called "Take my mom, please." We find Elly and the kids shopping for summer clothes; after an annoying bit of business wherein Elly begrudgingly admits that perhaps Mike might be allowed to buy his own BVDs, Flapandhonk totally God-damned freaks when Lizzie chooses an outfit that looks like a blowsy fright's idea of what an exotic dancer looks like and what a bored jerk from Saint John, New Brunswick thinks that a dumb white kid from the sticks thinks is cool. Said "scandalous" outfit is a white T-shirt, black knee-length skirt, fishnets and high heeled shoes. After a pointless argument about how Lizzie's too young to wear high heels, we segue over to watch Mike buy Y-fronts that the clerk never thought that anyone would actually buy. Elly then decides to dragoon Liz into babysitting while she goes off to the change booth to scream at evil men for making swimsuits that highlight her phantom ten pounds; after April goes walkabout again, Elly storms out after her wearing a swimsuit from the "Colorblind Radioactive Mutant" line and ends up in the fountain yelling at the children for wanting to find a hole to crawl into and die of embarrassment. Given how narrow their focus is, they'll probably remember it as "that shopping trip where April fooled all of us by ending up wearing mirror shades."

The last segment is called "My Dinner With Elly"; We start things off with John and April getting ready to go out to a model train club meeting and sleep-over at Becky's respectively. John asks Elly if she wants to come with and she mutters something about not wanting to give up a night to herself. Liz sets up the conflict by talking about 'hanging out' with her friends at a place called Club Soda; John feeds Elly a straight line about his gut and it looks as if Elly will finally have the place to herself. Elly's good mood is a bit premature because Liz storms in complaining because she got blown off; Elly then blatantly foreshadows the ending by asking Liz if she's certain that she was at the right place while continuing to cook herself a fancy meal. Liz asks her why she's going to all this trouble and Elly explains that she thinks that she deserves to treat herself every so often to a girls' night in. The two of them have a quiet conversation and, as expected, Dawn phones asking Liz where she is as they've been waiting for her where Elly thought that they might actually be. Liz hems and haws a bit before deciding that all things considered, she'd like to keep on having the nice girls' night in.

That last really sells it as being strip-realistic because not only can I see The Breath getting her knickers in a twist over a misunderstanding, I can see that having dinner with Elly being the highpoint of Lizzie's year is something Lynn would show us. (Also, it's a frightening look at the shape of things to come.)
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