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Foob, The Series: Episode Two

The theme for the second episode of the television series appears to have been love and romance in the Patterson household. The irritating editorial is all about Mike's age-inappropriate crush on Deanna and how that led directly to the lovely Big Fat Sham Wedding.

Puppy Love: A mild fictionalization of the Halloween arc that was the last appearance of Deanna before the car wreck. We have to watch Elly not get how mortified Mike is by having to dance with girls, Mike's friends not realize how juvenile they look, Deanna getting all huffy and stupid because Mike told her that she sang off-keysaid something dumb to re-establish his credibility with his posse and him ending up with a third party. In the B-plot, Lizzie reminds us of her ginormous Elektra complex and John reminds us how he and Elly met.

Trade Off: We start off this segment with April wandering around being an active, curious two year old. This, of course, becomes a problem when Liz needs a favor from Elly. It seems that she needs her mother's expertise with stains and Elly trades off watching April. The trading-off continues when Liz lets Mike use her walkman if he'll watch the Martian and Mike trades April-sitting with John as the price for mowing his name in the lawn. Naturally, April eventually goes missing and it's up to Farley to save her.

Crazy Little Thing Called Love: We start things off with Lizzie going to high hysterics because Freaking ANTHONY hasn't called her; as she stresses about dying old and alone, we find Mike and Deanna watching the creature feature on the box when Nostache phones and expects her to show up somewheres in half a bloody hour. Her need to get ready irritates the jackass we call Michael "Delicate Genius" Patterson because she keeps interrupting something important: a D-list horror film. Deanna shows a rare bit of spine because she doesn't agree that Mike is morally bound to verbally abuse Liz only to set aside the argument because they're confused by the fact that John and Elly are playing in the snow.

The funny thing is that Lynn didn't actually prove that Mike is, as she said, a romantic. What she proved is that he's a self-important jerkass with a bottomless sense of entitlement.
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