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New Year's Eve and Getting Back To Normal.....

I'd like to get back to the here and now to explain what bothers me most about the arc. You might think that Elly's making a big deal over something that only matters to her and forcing everyone to endure her bad mood is what bothers me but, as Ford Prefect said about the Vogon ship, that's not it. Elly's not telling anyone what's bothering her and thus trying to control the situation by not being talked to isn't it either. Another thing that's not it is her inability to see that what she's doing is terrifying Michael by making him think that she and John will inevitably split up. The it that bothers me isn't even that she only relents because she actually confronts a consequence to her actions. What bothers me is that she's learned exactly nothing from this mess because she doesn't understand what happened in the first place. What she seems to have seen happen is that John did something to embarrass her only to compound his folly by refusing to acknowledge her right to storm around acting like a spoiled eight year old who got the wrong flavor of ice creamfreedom of expression. As for the reconciliation, my guess is that the real reason that she apologized was probably not due to her realization that she was acting like an immature imbecile but more to the fact that she wants very much to not have her parents tell her that they were right to say that she married too young.

Since she doesn't know what really happened and doesn't understand that her smug insistence on not letting go of a mild inconvenience made her look like an ass and didn't apologize for the right reasons, she hasn't learned a damned thing and is thus primed to go forth and start pissing and moaning about another crisis that only exists inside her one half of an empty brain.
Tags: elly versus the real world, elly: lynn's fantasy self

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