dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Michael the hockey player: a revised view.

As we know, Mike really isn't capable of seeing how hard Elly works or admitting that she feels as if she's missing out in life by racing around cleaning up after a lazy jackass who thinks that he's obliged to punish Lizzie for her failure to have a penis. To do so would mean having to listen to the horrible voice inside his head that tells him a horrible, horrible thing that simply has to be a lie: that most of his problems are man-made and he's the man who made them because he's too stupid, greedy, lazy and mean to do what's best for himself.

This comes into play when he fails to realize how much Elly hates being a hockey mom. The same boy who doesn't want to really admit to himself that he's being a sullen, lazy, entitled jackhole who's acting out of pea-brained sloth, narcissism, selfishness and a petulant refusal to admit that anything female can have an opinion won't see that Elly hates to disrupt her life, sit in a freezing arena and watch a game that confuses and horrifies her so that he can dream futile dreams of being the next Gordie Howe.

This, of course, is due to one reason and one reason alone: the insane, self-serving and maudlin bullshit that bedizens Lynn and her fans: the unswerving belief that a woman's family will only ever appreciate the years of work, tears and sacrifice when they're reading her eulogy after she dies of having nooooooo help and nooooooo time to herself. Even then, the Coffee Squawkers cannot see their parasite families as asking themselves if they could have done something to alleviate poor mother's endless burdens.
Tags: michael versus his parents

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