dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The non-answer answer about Elly's looks.....

As you know, Elly is not exactly easy on the eyes. Given that what we see is a plain face with the large nose crowned by a decade-appropriate ugly hair-do perched on a mildly pudgy, slouching torso clad in dowdy clothing with an expression of either defeat or rage plastered on said plain face, we can't exactly call Elly attractive.

This vision of Lynn's severe, crippling insecurity about her looks made flesh is something that even her fans comment on critically. One of the Lynnsights talks about her being bluntly asked why it is that Elly has to look like a dried-up turd on a country road all the damned time. Her response is to hide behind her craft. She thus explains to her fans that her characters must be easily identified and, for good or ill, the potato-nosed specter that bellows in rage at the inconsequential is what people expect to see when they think of her main character.

This is an example of her being right for a reason that she cannot admit to honestly. She could, of course, draw Elly to be less homely and ungainly looking despite her assurances otherwise. She just doesn't want to because when she looks at herself in a mirror, she sees the horror-freak that looks like John in drag.
Tags: lynn: failed creator

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