dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Why ask why?

One of the most interestingly annoying things about the Pattersons is their reaction to the annoying little habit Lizzie had of sucking her thumbs. As I mentioned earlier, John had no clear idea why she did so and regarded it as a problem requiring a mechanical solution. This is why he installed that appliance in her mouth so that she could no longer do so without troubling himself too much with the question "Why does she do that?" Since he doesn't really understand human emotions too well, he sees everything in rather simplistic terms. This means that trying to explain to him that Lizzie did so because she felt as if she were being lost in the shuffle would elicit a greasy, knowing smile and a Chee-children-sure-get-pointlessly-moody.

That being said, the fact that his lack of curiosity comes from his belief that he has all the answers is easier on the eye than Elly's inability to wonder why people do things. What I see when I look at her is a woman who has only one answer to every situation: everyone everywhere is out to crush her flat because they hate her and yearn to hear her anguished cries of despair. Lizzie thus doesn't suck her thumbs because it comforts her, she does so to make Elly look bad. As I said, John's belief that she does so because children are needlessly dramatic is mildly less irritating to behold than Elly's non-stop maundering about being crucified and being asked to feel guilty about wanting what she wants.
Tags: child rearing disasters, elly versus her family

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