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Self-defeating parenting and the poor grades of the Patterson children.

One thing that you can't help but notice is that Mike and Lizzie can be best described as mediocre and apathetic students. Every year, we have to watch the poor, dim-brained children struggle with their grades and with parents who confuse telling them that homework that is both painful and draining is easy and fun because they no longer have to do it and who react to their children's confusion and despair with asinine comments about manufacturing drama.

That being said, it's not enough that they're hypocrites who don't want to sympathize with their children. The evil habit of curiosity must also be snuffed out as well. The clearest example of that is a strip due to come into the future. What happens is that Mike demonstrates to himself the principle of the vacuum by somehow sticking a drinking glass to his face; Elly comes in screeching about how he is NOT to play with her good glasses in such a manner as if he's doing so to, you guessed it, make her life harder and torment her because he's an evil child who delights in her misery. We must also remind ourselves that Elly doesn't see the use of anything that she cannot immediately master because she's mentally lazy so it's not as if she encourages them to explore the world or do anything scary like that.

As for John, asking him questions is a foolhardy thing for a different reason. The man, as I've said, is allergic to the word 'why' because he doesn't like to think about what he's doing. That, you see, is dangerous because of the horrifying fact that he might have to admit that he has been unfair, unfeeling and unkind. Since that cannot be, children who ask 'why' are trying to trick and confuse him and must have their attitudes adjusted.

The end result is that the only child worth her salt is destined to be both pitied and held in contempt for her baffling and hurtful tendency to be elsewhere when they need her to be there for them. This is almost as baffling and hateful as her need to do well in school when doing so conflicts with their whims.
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