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Self-defeating parenting and April's homework.....

I think that it's safe to say that children get what might be scientifically referred to as a metric crapton of homework these days. Anyone with any awareness of the world around them has noticed that every teacher assigns his or her charges with a lot of material in a very short period of time so as to prepare them for exams, post-secondary education and, more importantly, to justify his or her existence to the rate-payers.

You will, no doubt, note that I used the word 'awareness' in that last paragraph. This is because I'd like to explain why Elly screeched about quitting the parenting of April that she never really began and why John felt that he had to pull the poor child away in that disgustingly authoritarian manner. Simply put, they don't God-damned believe that she could possibly have that much homework. I know this because I went through the character letters seeking out the word 'homework' and found nothing but jocosely dismissive sentences that always used the word 'allegedly' to quantify the volume and insisted that she was actually doing something naughty like texting her friends or some such nonsense.

Why is it that the same people who think that Mira is pure evil wrapped in a Twinkie for daring to call Mike's busywork by its right name can't admit that April is actually buried under a mountain of crap and whose response is to make fine-sounding noise about pacing herself? Simple. They don't want to see a problem because that would force them to admit that they're being stupid, short-sighted and unfair to her. John would have to confront the fact that he's an entitled, brutish, selfish, whiny clod instead of the straight shooter he'd like to think he is, Liz would have to admit that she has her head up her arse, Mike would have to cop to being a swinging dick and Elly, poor, dear, dim-brained Elly would finally have to admit that April was not sent from Hell to destroy her life and keep her from having the career she didn't have the intellect, stamina or courage to seriously pursue. Rather than admit to being defective people who made light of a serious problem, the 2012 Foobs probably stand there making self-righteous noise about her being unreasonable owing her not being a factor in their lives as such.
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