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It's not the hormones, stupid......

As we've seen and will continue to see, Elly tends to think that being a housewife is beneath her because it's mindless mechanical labor that will eventually turn her into a worthless grinning robot like Anne Nichols. This, as we will see and have seen is that she thinks that she's supposed to matter to the world and believes that being asked to take care of the house and children is a waste of her talents.

The problem with her belief that her mind has started to stagnate owing to being cooped up in the kitchen and having to listen to the unimportant, irrelevant babbling of her annoying and demonic children is that she isn't all that smart to begin with. She's not a very good cook, she can't sew or iron all that well, her idea of housekeeping consists of moving the dirt around and her children would be far better off raised by a pack of wolves than exposed to her.

The collision of her unshakable belief that being a housewife is so mindlessly easy that anyone can do it and her chronic ineptitude at a thing she so clearly holds in contempt thus goes a long way to explaining why she's so constantly upset. Not only is what's supposed to be a walk in the park a walk in a minefield, her record of failure might just mean that her belief that she's being held back as the result of a conspiracy to deprive the world of her brilliance is perhaps fallacious; having to consider the horrible fact that she's not all that talented and might just have to settle for a life that wasn't the one she'd planned out for herself when she was seven tends to enrage her.
Tags: elly versus the real world

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