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Reading between the Foobs.....

As we know, a lot of the problem that Elly had with Mike, Liz and April stems from the fact that her words and meaning part company. We're about to see an example of this when she shoos the kids out from underfoot so that they don't overhear her and Annie gossiping and be in a position to embarrass her by repeating what she said to the one of her two friends that isn't in the room with her at the time. What she doesn't realize is that they have a fair idea what she means when she tries to hide her intentions from them. This is because she doesn't really understand how they think or, for that matter, have the sense to remember how she felt when she knew that her parents were trying to hide what they were doing from her back when she was bitching about Phil breaking her walking doll. The same impulse that leads her to hurl measuring cups at John's head because he finds the ironing she both hates and isn't good at because he finds it so easy and relaxing leads her to be astonished and confused when Mike interprets her demand that she have a polite conversation as being a gossip session; that impulse is best summarized as her not being especially happy that something that should be easy is so damned hard.
Tags: elly versus her family

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