dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

John, conventions and Elly's baseless suspicions.....

Mike isn't the only person who surprises and antagonizes Elly by guessing what she really means when she says certain things. Anne Nichols has been known to get under her skin by ferreting out the real meaning behind her excuses. An upcoming case in point is when Elly told her point-blank that the reason that she didn't want to ever go to a dental convention is that she didn't want to be dismissed as simply being Mrs Doctor Patterson. While the fear that she's simply the little wifey does come into play, the most of what's wrong is that conventions never seem to happen when an in-law or parent are available to sit for the offsprings.

The reason that this presents a problem is not just because she suspects that John is up to no good at these things, it's because she finds it hard to sleep without someone comfortable around to make the boogeyman (or boogeymen) go away. The same sort of random noises a house makes when John is in the room devolve into either the imminent structural failure of the Pattermanse or the clear signs that the shape at her window is a prowler ready to visit mayhem on her.

What makes this all the more irritating is that when we look at Elly freaking out, we're supposed to pity the crap out of her because her husband is in a position to cheat on her, we're supposed to turn around and roll our eyes in frustration when April does the same damned thing.
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