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The Douchebag Perplex.

One thing that you can't help but notice is that instead of wanting to correct Mike's innate tendency to knavishness, selfishness and all-around ass-hattery, Lynn seems to almost celebrate it. The not-so-subtle context of the self-satisfied grin plastered onto his stupid face whenever he inconveniences Liz is much the same as the impotent frown the characters of Tom Batiuk's Crankshaft have when they're confronted by his swinishness. Simply put, the characters are dicks and we're helpless to do anything about it.

Michael is not, of course, alone in being an irredeemable dipshit. He simply varies in degree, not in kind. The characters seem to go out of their way to be pains in the ass to their fellows. As long as it hurts or irritates someone else, a Patterson will do something that pleases him or herself at the expense of others and smile the greasy, vicious smile that sets nations girding for a war of extermination.

What really makes them what Red Green calls fist-magnets is that if they have to deal with the negative results of their actions, they either punk out and whine about martyrdom or moan about other people winning all the time. We see this when John hollers piteously about the over-sensitivity of others when he's called on being a repulsive dick and we see it when the Delicate Genius damned near pisses himself when asked to be nice to people.

Given how often we see her damned near wrench her shoulders out of joint by patting herself on the back for either doing something gratuitously antisocial or holding a pointless grudge, it turns out that Lynn is like this. Since she thinks that being a defiant, self-absorbed jerkass is good and normal, Mike will never do what he'd do in the hands of other authors and get better. She's just lucky that people like Mike never clue in in the real world.
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