dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

A blinkered vision of marriage.....

One of the less appealing parts of having to watch the strip is how blatant John is about treating Elly like a domestic servant. He doesn't even bother to hide his belief that she was put on this Earth to darn his socks, cook his food, pack his luggage and entertain his children and since he doesn't ever want to admit that he's a self-serving jackass, ascribes any sort of discomfort to hormones instead of his being a petty tyrant with a warped idea of what's right.

The odd thing is that Lynn seems to want to allow him the point. I know this because of how freely she displays female-on-male violence. You and I might worry that John is looking at a concussion or that Eric would end up with brain damage after Liz and the other woman smacked him on the head with kitchen utensils. We, however, are not Lynn; the reason that she thinks that we're worried over nothing is visually hinted at by the fact that the male characters are two or three times the size of the women. Simply put, she cannot believe that a weak little wifey could ever hope to injure a big strong man no matter how many times we tell her otherwise.

This means that all of Elly's complaints are a sort of token attempt at defiance by someone who's essentially got only one weapon: tears. The alarming, amazing and absurd thing is that people think of the throwback as somehow being progressive.
Tags: lynn versus her gender.

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