dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The irony of Mike's inertia.

One of the more amusing things about the Housening was watching Deanna wistfully blather about how great it was going to be for her children to have the same active life she believed Mike had as a child. That's because Mike is turning into the passive, box-watching lump I think of when I remember him as a child. If it weren't for the pee-wee hockey Elly despises, the age-inappropriate chores she wills on him and the non-stop torment of Lizzie that she witlessly enables, Michael would probably have spent his whole childhood watching television and groaning about having nothing to do.

You'd think that this would please Elly now that he no longer makes the noise she can't tolerate or ask the questions she's too stupid and impatient to answer but you'd be wrong. The same woman who spent years killing any inconvient impulse to move around, destroying his ability to take any sort of initiative that might embarrass her and eradicating the terrible, evil imagination that would lead him think the terrible, evil thought that he doesn't actually owe her and John for raising him turns around and makes arch comments about his legs falling off from lack of use because she finds his presence an intolerable burden.

This is because she's sort of stupid and doesn't understand what consequences are on top of being far too fragile emotionally to actually be around small children for any great length of time. I might trust her with a reading group at the library if she were supervised carefully but not as a long-term caregiver. That puts her ahead of her dimwitted little ventriloquist's dummy Deanna. I should think that she's fuming about her evil mother's evil comments about how she has no right to complain about how inert Meredith and Robin are given that she made being active a horrible crime. My solution to that mess is to kill her and Mike and let Mira raise them properly.
Tags: elly versus her family

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